Frequently Asked Questions - Turf & Lawn Care

The Most Shade Tolerant Lawn Turf

Which grass is the most shade tolerant?

Sir Walter DNA Certified Premium Lawn turf is the most shade tolerant grass. Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo - like all living things - needs some sun to survive; it loves at least three hours of sun each day. If you have an area in which even the most shade tolerant turfs won't grow, you may want to consider an alternative option to turf.

Size of our turf rolls

What is the size of a roll of turf?

Our turf rolls are 585mm wide x 1710mm long. This is equivalent to 1 square metre.

What times of year to lay new turfWhat times of the year should I lay my turf? Can I lay turf any time of the year?

Certain varieties of turf are able to be laid all year through! Our Sir Walter DNA Certified Premium Lawn Turf, Eureka Kikuyu and Nullarbor Couch varieties can all be laid all year round.


How soon should I lay my new grassHow soon should I lay my turf once it's delivered?

We recommend that you lay your new lawn as soon as possible on the day it is delivered, particularly in the warmer months. We also recommend you water it as soon as it is laid. If a little yellowing occurs before it is laid, don't worry, this should grow out over a period of time.

What time of day should I water my lawn?When should I water my lawn?
Is it better to water my lawn in the morning or at night?

Early in the morning when the temperature is cooler is the best time to water your lawn. Cooler temperature means there is less water evaporation. Good for your lawn, good for our environment!

How Much Water to Give LawnHow much water should I use on my new lawn?

Give your lawn at least 25mm of water within 30 minutes of installation and ensure the water has soaked through the turf and the soil is moist. Then water daily depending on weather conditions to keep your turf moist until it's firmly rooted. Be sure your new lawn has enough moisture to endure hot, dry, windy periods. Check turf daily: carefully lift small areas and check for moisture and signs of new roots. Once your turf can no longer be lifted, reduce watering to once or twice a week, depending on weather conditions. 

How often should you fertilise lawnHow often should I fertilise my lawn?

Minimally, fertilising is required once in early spring (September) and again in late autumn (April to May) using a general lawn fertiliser like Green Life Turf's Special Blend Organic Health Booster Fertiliser (available to purchase through our online shop; suitable to all lawn types). Lawn loves fertiliser, so for optimum results we recommend fertilising with each season: December, April, late June, and September. Extra care should be taken fertilising when humidity is high as this may encourage fungus. 

What time of day is best to fertiliseWhat time of the day is it best to fertilise?

Avoid fertilising in the morning as dew on the leaves may cause the fertiliser to stick to them and later burn them as the day heats up. Instead, fertilise when there is less heat in the air. Evenly spread the fertiliser over the lawn and water in immediately to avoid any leaf burn. As always, follow up by regular watering.

Has Your Lawn Got ArmywormHow can I test to see if my lawn has armyworm?

Mix up a bucket of soapy water and at dusk pour over the area you think is affected and any areas close by, cover with a hessian bag or old towel and leave for several hours. Inspect the areas in dark using a torch so you can see. If there are any armyworm they will generally come to the surface.

Get Rid of ArmywormHow do I get rid of armyworm?

Spray the whole lawn with a herbicide lawn grub killer like Lawn Lovers Grub Guard (available to purchase through our online shop). Carefully read and follow the instructions on the product. Two to three days after spraying, fertilise your lawn and water it in. Five days later, check to see if the armyworm have all died. If there are still signs of live armyworm, a second application of the lawn grub killer is required, fertilise and water in again a few days later, and repeat. With a newly laid lawn, be careful not to over fertilise.

Why Use Green Life TurfWhy would I start seeking advice and buying from Green Life Turf?

We are a professional turf company. We have been successfully growing turf for the past 26 years. We are ranked in the top five highest sellers of Sir Walter DNA Certified lawn in Australia. We pride ourselves on our customer service providing genuine customer care before, during and after the purchase journey. We are members of Lawn Solutions Australia (LSA) and are AusGAP Certified, which means our turf, our company, and our people all pass the strictest Australian guidelines! Our Sir Walter turf is DNA Certified which means it's 100% pure, grown and harvested in a way that meets strict industry standards, is visually free of disease, weeds and pest damage, and comes with a 10-year product warranty!

Green Life Turf - best for quality turf, best for serviceI saw cheaper turf an another company; why do you charge a little more?

We are not the cheapest turf suppler - and we are not the most expensive either! We do however offer a premium product - the highest quality turf grown, harvested, delivered, and even laid with the love and passion of true turf farmers. Our customer service and delivery teams focus on your needs, providing expert, helpful advice throughout the whole process of purchasing and laying your new lawn, and we always invite you to call on us across the years to come with any questions we can help you with.

We guarantee our turf is freshly harvested, weed-, pest and disease- free, and delivered with forklift placement as close as possible to your job's area. Our Sir Walter is DNA Certified, comes with a Certificate of Authenticity, and all varieties of our turf comes with a 10-year LSA warranty. We are members of Lawn Solutions Australia and are AusGAP Certified which means our turf, company, and our team have all passed the strictest guidelines and standards in the Australian Turf industry.

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