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Green Life Turf is proud to be AusGAP Certified!

AusGAP stands for 'Australian Genetic Assurance Purity' and is the body in charge of Australia's turf accreditation program. The program was created to assure consumers that the turf they purchase and the organisation from which they purchase it adhere to a precise and demanding set of quality standards. That's us! 

Why Choose an AusGAP Certified Grower & Supplier?

About AusGAP & AusGAP Certification
What That Means For You

Purity of your turf:

  • Enforces strict quality standards during production (growing).

  • Pre-approves any new turf planted.

  • Ensures the genetic purity of AusGAP Certified grasses through genetic testing.
  • You get what you're asking for! The turf you buy is 100% pure and free of any foreign variety at the time of harvest.

Ensures AusGAP Certified turf passes pre-harvested testing to ensure it is visually free of disease, weeds and pest damage.
  • The turf you purchase is provided to you in peak condition!

Oversees strict quality standards across the sales, delivery and installation processes, including the safety and welfare of staff.

  • You're dealing with professionals who know what they're doing.

  • You're dealing with professionals who love what they're doing!

  • You're getting the best service at every stage of your purchase and installation process.

  • When requested, your installations are completed perfectly by us.

  • You'll have the very best after-care service available.

Enforces strict standards that ensure the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

  • You'll be really happy!

Incorporates the International Turfgrass genetic Assurance Program (ITGAP) as used throughout the world.
  • You get the very best based on research and development from all around the world!

Thorough audits conducted regularly.

  • Your turf grower and supplier is up to date and has recently passed all quality assurance testing!

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