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Lawn Solutions Australia

Lawn Solutions Australia

Green Life Turf is honoured to be a very active and accredited part of Lawn Solutions Australia.

LSA is a dedicated conglomerate of Australia's best, most experienced and accredited turf growers and suppliers, offering exclusive turf varieties all backed by a 10-year warranty, as well as the best in lawn product care.

Why Choose a Lawn Solutions Australia Member?

Mission Statement  

Research & Development

"We have the best turf for today.
We are working on the best turf for the future."


About LSA
What That Means for You

LSA is at the forefront of research and development in the turf industry and teamed up with the most respected turf breeders and scientists both locally and around the world.

  • You know you're getting the very best - today and into the future!

  • LSA members offer the very best range of turf varieiteis for the Australian environment and climate.

  • LSA members offer the very best range in turf care products for beautiful Aussie lawns.

LSA is a network built from over 40 hand-picked, dedicated, AusGAP certified turf producers across Australia.

  • You're always going to get exactly what you need at the highest quality product and highest level of service.

  • LSA members are aligned to the same common goals: the very best turf and turf care for Australians - today and into the future.

LSA offers an industry-first 10-year product warranty.

  • When you buy turf from an LSA member, your turf is under warranty for 10 years!

  • You're assured your new turf has been farmed, harvested and delivered using the best practices in lawn growth and care throughout the world.

"The same best variety, top quality lawn we've always grown & delivered, but with a 10-year product warranty!"
- Green Life Turf 

Lawn Solutions Australia 10-Year Warranty

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