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Bullseye - A New Instant Lawn System

Turf Varieties

Choosing the right turf for your landscape has never been easier! We have the right turf for any situation, any preference, and any environment.

And because we're LSA (Lawn Solutions Australia) Members and AusGAP Certified, we only grow the highest quality turf at the highest quality standards, so you know you're going to be delighted with a Green Life Turf lawn!

Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo
Sir Grange Zoysia
TifTuf Bermuda
Eureka Kikuyu
Nullarbor Couch
Bullseye Instant Lawn System

All turf varieties are backed by a 10-year warranty!

Choosing the Right Grass Type for You 

Grasses behave differently depending on climate, soil types, and the level of use and demand placed on them. Grass types also look and feel differently to one another. So it's important to review the options you have for your environment and taste to see which ones will suit you the best! 

Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo

Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo Behaviour Set

Australia's number one buffalo! Sun or shade, lots of wear, drought tolerant, low maintenance, and now DNA Certified, it's hard to go past a Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo lawn! Find out more...

Sir Grange Zoysia

Sir Grange Zoysia Behaviour Set

Love a Zoysia but don't have much sun? We've fully tested the beautiful, brand new Sir Grange Zoysia. And with its wear and drought tolerance and low maintenance, Sir Grange really is the finer leaf, the finer choice! Find out more...

Eureka Kikuyu

Eureka Kikuyu Behaviour Set

On a budget? Eureka! Because it's so budget friendly, you can use our Eureka Kikuyu on large areas with ease. Wear and drought resistant, this grass is fast growing and requires attention and sunshine. Find out more...

Nullarbor Couch

Nullarbor Couch Behaviour Set

Just like an arvo at the bowling green! Our Nullarbor Couch is beautifully rich in colour and wear and drought tolerant. Give it plenty of sunshine and a little love, and it will love you back! Find out more...

TifTuf Bermuda

TifTuf Behaviour Set

TifTuff is the new kid on the block! Beautifully rich in colour with a fine leaf blade, its shade, wear and drought tolerant also makes it a friendly lawn. Perfect for sports fields and backyards. More information coming soon...

Not 'Just Turf'

Not only do you get the very best, highest quality turf with Green Life Turf, we also supply everything you need to keep your new lawn looking brand new!

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Products You Need

It's clear we love our turf, bue we want you to as well! So we're giving you the heads up on the very best products we use on our turf farm:

Fertiliser - Sir Walter Premium Lawn Fertiliser

Great for all lawn varieties! This fertiliser delivers all the nutrients your turf needs to recover from damage and grow strong and healthy and is a great all-rounder fertiliser. Available in either 4kg (covering about 200m2) or 10kg (covering about 500m2) bucket. Available through our online shop!

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