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| Dolphin Stadium |

The Story | Dolphin Stadium, Queensland - Home of the Redcliffe Dolphins

What Needed Done? After seeing the incredible performance of TifTuf under heavy foot traffic, Redcliffe Dolphins' Groundsman, Graham Wise, decided to turf their second oval with TifTuf (Christmas 2019).

Why TifTuf Bermuda? TifTuf is a proven performer under heavy traffic conditions. These photos show the field after five Gridiron games over two days, plus junior sports activities in the breaks! 

What's The Outcome? TifTuf continues to impress: the oval was cut at 21mm and only dropped to 18mm after the weekend's bustling activities!

What Does The Customer Think? "It just keeps getting better and better..." - Graham Wise, Groundsman, Redcliffe Dolphins.



| Campbelltown Stadium |

The Story | Campbelltown Sports Stadium, NSW

What Needed Done? Increased growth in the neighbouring areas resulted in added demand and traffic on Campbelltown Sports Stadium field. The stadium had sustained some damage and required resurfacing.

What Was The Plan? TifTuf Bermuda, a turf that would sustain the heavy and regular traffic, was chosen to be used and re-turfing began in December 2018. 

Why TifTuf Bermuda? Campbelltown Sports Stadium needed a turf variety that was highly durable under stressful conditions including heavy and regular traffic. TifTuf was the outstanding front-runner for the job and re-turfing began in December 2018.

What's The Outcome? This stadium is the first major sporting surface in NSW to use TifTuf Bermuda. Early signs showed great outcomes were ahead for the TifTuf turf and the Stadium, and time has proven them correct!

What Does The Customer Think? "We're excited to be part of this experience!" - Michael Sutton, Grounds Curator, Campbelltown Sports Stadium.



| Scone Farmstead |

The Story | Scone Farmstead, NSW

What Needed Done? This rural farmstead needed a tough grass that would do well in drought, repair itself and continue to grow back. 

Why TifTuf Bermuda? Originally, the client was leaning towards Eureka Kikuyu, however, as we explored this client's needs it was uncovered that he was looking for a more modern, more water-wise lawn variety that would help reduce maintenance and environmental impact costs.

What's The Outcome? TifTuf was laid in the middle of the worst drought on record in the Upper Hunter Region of NSW. Harvested fresh from the Green Life Turf Singleton farm, the turf was laid on a high quality organic underlay. The outcome has been a successful and beautiful field of turf, even under the stressful conditions of major drought. These photos were taken two months after installing TifTuf and, as you can see, in some areas there is signs of heat stress caused from the lack of water, but when compared to the surrounding grassed areas, it goes to show how TifTuf will still provide a quality surface in even the most severe conditions.

What Does The Customer Think? "Looks great! Looking forward to laying the next area in TifTuf!" - Mick, Farmstead Owner.



| Flowstate Parklands |

The Story | Flowstate South Bank Parklands, Brisbane

What Needed Done? As one of the most used park in Australia, Flowstate needed a turf variety that could handle the amount of traffic this park receives.

What Was The Plan? The existing turf was renovated and the lawn fertilised with a good dose of water.

Why TifTuf Bermuda? As an area that sees incredibly high traffic, TifTuf was the very best choice. TifTuf will recover the best after receiving high amounts of wear, meaning there is no need to continue to replace areas year after year

What's Great About This TifTuf Story? A long winter and the high foot traffic started to take its toll on this TifTuf park. The turf was looking unhealthy and worn and was in need of repair. The existing TifTuf was renovated and the lawn fertilised with a bit of water and, together with some warmer weather, the TifTuf has made a full recovery without needing even one additional roll to be replaced! That's TifTuf doing its job!

What's The Outcome? Flowstate in Brisbane's South Bank is looking fabulously inviting once again!



| International Marine Precinct |

The Story | International Marine Precinct, Gold Coast

What Needed Done? The new marine precinct with yacht facility and hotel on the Gold Coast will be home to the world's best super yachts. What they were looking for was a 'statement entrance' with 'statement turf'.

What Was The Plan? As building works began nearing an end, an area of new turf was to be laid at the entrance of this prestigious facility.

Why TifTuf Bermuda? TifTuf was chosen because of its beauty and durability.

What's The Outcome? TifTuf is making the statement it was intended to make!

What Does The Customer Think? "I'm wrapped!" - Tony Longhurst, Owner & General Manager, The Boat Works.



TifTuf Bermuda
Technical Data Sheet

Get Lawn Solutions Australia's TifTuf Hybrid Bermuda Technical Data Sheet to learn more about the TifTuf turf variety.


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