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How to Measure Your Area for Turf

Posted by Patrick Muscat on 8 Nov 2017
Patrick Muscat

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Knowing how much turf your area needs can be challenging at times – areas aren’t always perfectly square or rectangle! To help you avoid expensive or frustrating mistakes, today we’re showing you how to best measure your area before ordering turf.


So now that you know which is the best lawn for you and your area (if you haven't, head here), it's time to measure up ready to order. Here's how: 


What Shape is Your Area?

The first area is to identify what shape - or shapes - your area has:


Square & Rectangle Areas

For areas that are square or rectangle in shape, you simply multiply the length by the width and you’re done.


Triangle Areas

For areas that are triangular, you need to multiply half the base (bottom) measurement multiplied by the (base to tip).


Irregular Shaped Areas

The best way is to break down your area in various simple shapes (like squares, rectangles and triangles), measure each separately as above for that shape, then add them together. It doesn’t matter how many mini-simple shapes you end up with in your area, just add them all together!


Margin for Error

We always recommend adding 5% extra to your total area order to cater for irregularities or cut-outs that you might have to do when laying your turf.


Is It Really That Simple?

It sure is! Here are Joe and Nick from Lawn Solutions Australia to tell you more:


PS: Don't forget to take care of those nasty lawn grubs this season!

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