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How to Lay Turf

Posted by Patrick Muscat on 22 Nov 2017

Yes, that's Jason Hodges helping out on the Green Life Turf farm! 

There’s a right way and many wrong ways to do almost anything, and when it comes to laying new turf, it’s no exception.

Today we’re talking about the right way to lay new lawn. It's filled with lots of don't-miss tips so get yourself a coffee and let's go! 

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How to Measure Your Area for Turf

Posted by Patrick Muscat on 8 Nov 2017

Knowing how much turf your area needs can be challenging at times – areas aren’t always perfectly square or rectangle! To help you avoid expensive or frustrating mistakes, today we’re showing you how to best measure your area before ordering turf.


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Topics: Landscaping, Turf, Lawn & Grass

Lawn Envy - Give it to Your Neighbours!

Posted by Patrick Muscat on 23 Aug 2017

Most people find it hard to believe that their lawns and yards can stay beautiful all year round in our wonderful but harsh climate.

In the cooler months, warm season grass goes dormant and turns brown. In some cases, weeds start to set in. And together with the lack of colour as many plants stop flowering, a wintry backyard can look dull and uninviting.

In the hotter months, grasses can become sunburnt and dry, soils dry and grey, and plants hungry for nutrients and water.

But there are solutions to these climatic problems for your lawn and plants. Solutions that will keep your yard looking amazing all year round, no matter how hot, dry or cold it gets! And would you believe, it’s the same two products for every season?

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Planning Tips for Your Perfect Garden & Lawn

Posted by Patrick Muscat on 26 Jul 2017

Your outdoor space will work best when it’s been designed specifically for its users and environment. So rather than jumping straight into it, take a little time to think about and plan your project outdoor landscape re-design project.

Here are some tips from us and from our pals at Lawn Solutions Australia. 

“Properly planning and designing your garden is a crucial part of its overall success…”
- Loving Your Lawn 2017, Lawn Solutions Australia

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What Goes on at the Turf Farm?

Posted by Patrick Muscat on 17 May 2017

Ever wondered what goes on at the turf farm?

Many people buy their lawn and lawn care products from retailers like Flower Power or Bunnings. Have you ever wondered where they source their stock, and how it is they become so crazy knowledgeable about all things lawn and turf (among many other things!)?

Today I’m excited to bring you a snapshot of one of our on-site education days with one of our much-loved customers, Flower Power!

It all began with a little bit of tea…

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Topics: Landscaping, Lawn Care, Turf, Lawn & Grass

Difference: Organic Natural Mineral VS Inorganic Fertiliser

Posted by Patrick Muscat on 22 Mar 2017

Last time on our blog we explored fertiliser: what it is, how it works, and why it’s important to use in farming and horticulture. Today we thought it was time to discuss the age-old question:

“To be (organic) or not to be (organic)…”

What is the difference between inorganic (“artificial” / “man-made” / “chemical” / “synthetic”) and organic (or “natural mineral”) fertilisers?

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Topics: Landscaping, Turf, Lawn & Grass, Lawn Care

What is Fertiliser? And Why You Should Fertilise Your Lawn & Garden!

Posted by Patrick Muscat on 8 Mar 2017

Have you ever wondered why we fertilise our lawns, gardens and vegetables? What exactly does fertiliser do? Why do you need to fertilise? Today, I'm answering these key fertilising questions and over the coming weeks we'll discuss everything you need to know about fertilising, and choosing the right fertiliser for you. 

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What's the best turf? Review the new Sir Grange Zoysia!

Posted by Patrick Muscat on 11 Jan 2017

We talk a lot about our Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo grass - it’s a great Australian soft leaf buffalo specifically suited to Australian conditions, it’s tough, tolerant and beautiful, and we love it. 

But there is a new kid in town; a new turf on the block... and it's a Zoysia! Tagged “a finer choice,” Sir Grange Zoysia is in fact a finer leaf giving it an exciting new look!

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Topics: Turf, Lawn & Grass, Landscaping

How Turf is Harvested Ready for Your Instant New Lawn

Posted by Patrick Muscat on 30 Nov 2016

Instant lawn! Ever wondered how turf is harvested ready for delivery to your landscaping job?

We took a short video of us on our harvester on the Green Life Turf farm reaping our Sir Walter DNA Certified turf... a small snippet of what goes on behind the scenes during the harvesting process for every order that comes in! Our harvester meets all AusGAP quality and safety standards - check it out here:

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How Soon Should I Lay My New Turf?

Posted by Patrick Muscat on 16 Nov 2016

We’ve been talking about our most frequently asked questions from both trade and residential customers. When you work in an industry for – well, generations, you realise it’s sometimes the easiest questions to answer that crop up the most. Like this one:  

“How soon should I lay my grass once it’s delivered?”

Grass is a living plant and requires nourishment to survive. It takes nutrients through its root system planted in beautiful, thriving soil.  

Turf is harvested off our farm and delivered to your job with a thick depth of soil attached. This means your turf is still getting some form of nourishment while it's waiting installation. Of course, that won’t last forever and if the turf isn't laid soon enough, your grass will begin to dehydrate and eventually die. The warmer the weather, the quicker your grass will begin to perish; and nobody wants that!

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Topics: Landscaping, Turf, Lawn & Grass

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