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Identifying, Killing & Preventing Summer Weeds

Posted by Patrick Muscat on 10 Jan 2018

We’re well and truly into summer, and your lawn knows it. It’s been hot and wet so far in NSW, which means rich growing conditions for lawns – and weeds!

Weeds can suffocate and kill your lawn, so today we’re talking about the best way to kill off those weeds: how to identify them, what you can do about them, and how you can prevent them next season!


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Topics: Turf, Lawn & Grass, Lawn Care

How To Keep Lawn Healthy in Hot Weather

Posted by Patrick Muscat on 13 Dec 2017

Just like us, just like animals and all living things, your lawn needs to stay hydrated.

If we don't get enough water, we feel exhausted and even show physical signs of dehydration. So does your lawn. And even though you might be doing all the things you were doing before to keep your lawn in its peak condition, it may now be starting to look brown and unhappy.

We're not all born into the world of gardens and lawns. I know people who claim they can kill off a cactus! So here are our tips on what to do to make sure your lawn stays healthy, even in this Sydney heat.

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Topics: Turf, Lawn & Grass, Beautification, Lawn Care

Lawn Grubs - Identify & Treat Lawn Grub Infestations Now!

Posted by Patrick Muscat on 25 Oct 2017


   A   L   E   R   T   !   

Did you hear? There’s an active outbreak of lawn grubs around Australia RIGHT NOW?!

Particularly affected is the eastern seaboard and Western Australia, but these creatures have a reputation of migrating and could be coming to kill off a lawn near you!

Here’s everything you need to know to save your Aussie lawn…

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Topics: Turf, Lawn & Grass, Lawn Care

Pets & Lawn Damage: Preventions & Cures!

Posted by Patrick Muscat on 4 Oct 2017

Now that the weather’s warming up and daylight savings has begun, your doggo – or kitty – is no doubt desperate to get out in the yard and to stay there. But what does that mean for your lawn? Today we’re exploring pets and lawns, what can go wrong, and how you can minimise damage and maximise the joy!

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Topics: Turf, Lawn & Grass, Lawn Care

Spring Clean Your Lawn - Spring Lawn Care Tips

Posted by Patrick Muscat on 30 Aug 2017

For the most part, it’s been a warm, dry winter for Sydneysiders. Now, as we head in to our spring season, plants and lawns are quickly beginning to 'spring into action' and becoming active again. But what will your lawn wake up to?

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Topics: Turf, Lawn & Grass, Beautification, Lawn Care

Lawn Envy - Give it to Your Neighbours!

Posted by Patrick Muscat on 23 Aug 2017

Most people find it hard to believe that their lawns and yards can stay beautiful all year round in our wonderful but harsh climate.

In the cooler months, warm season grass goes dormant and turns brown. In some cases, weeds start to set in. And together with the lack of colour as many plants stop flowering, a wintry backyard can look dull and uninviting.

In the hotter months, grasses can become sunburnt and dry, soils dry and grey, and plants hungry for nutrients and water.

But there are solutions to these climatic problems for your lawn and plants. Solutions that will keep your yard looking amazing all year round, no matter how hot, dry or cold it gets! And would you believe, it’s the same two products for every season?

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Topics: Turf, Lawn & Grass, Beautification, Lawn Care, Landscaping

Common Australian Weeds to Watch Out For this August

Posted by Patrick Muscat on 2 Aug 2017

 Some see a field of dreams, others a field of nightmares!

Finally, a tiny bit of rain here in Sydney! Along with the end of winter, what does this mean for your lawn? If you’re noticing some strange ‘grassy patches’ thriving among your dormant lawn, you might actually be looking at flourishing WEEDS!

Here are some of the more common weeds found in Australia, what to look for, and how to get rid of them!

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Topics: Turf, Lawn & Grass, Lawn Care

How to Care for Lawn in Winter

Posted by Patrick Muscat on 12 Jul 2017

 'Sleep, my precious.'

Over the last two weeks we talked about why warm-season grass goes brown over winter, as well as other signs that your lawn is just chillin’ over winter.

So what can be done to take care of your lawn in winter? What can you do to give it the best chances of early and beautiful growth when it comes out of dormancy?

Plus how to keep your lawn looking 'entertaining-ready', even in winter.

Let’s take a look…

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Topics: Turf, Lawn & Grass, Lawn Care

How to Identify Common Lawn Disease & What to do About it!

Posted by Patrick Muscat on 5 Jul 2017

Did you know lawn is vulnerable to disease and that lawn disease varies from the super obvious to the almost impossible to detect? If you’re concerned your lawn is affected by disease, we’ve put together a handy guide to the most common lawn diseases found here in Australia. See our informative excerpts from Lawn Solutions Australia’s ‘Loving Your Lawn Guide’.

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Topics: Turf, Lawn & Grass, Lawn Care

Is Your Lawn Dying Off? What Does a Healthy Winter Lawn Look Like?

Posted by Patrick Muscat on 28 Jun 2017

Is your lawn dying off? Browning, drying, not growing? What's really happening here?

Ever ventured outside lately and found yourself wondering what happened to all that hard work you put into caring for your lawn throughout summer and autumn? Is your lawn now dying off? Was all that effort and love for nothing?  

You’re not alone. A lot of Aussie lawns will be rocking faded greens and even dry-looking browns this time of year. Have we been lazy and let our lawns go? Are our lawn dying off? Was it all for nothing? Let’s find out...

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Topics: Beautification, Lawn Care

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