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Pets & Lawn Damage: Preventions & Cures!

Posted by Patrick Muscat on 4 Oct 2017
Patrick Muscat

Pets & Lawn - Lawn Care
Now that the weather’s warming up and daylight savings has begun, your doggo – or kitty – is no doubt desperate to get out in the yard and to stay there. But what does that mean for your lawn? Today we’re exploring pets and lawns, what can go wrong, and how you can minimise damage and maximise the joy!

Loving Your Lawn Guide 2017 Your Guide to the Perfect Aussie Lawn by Lawn Solutions AustraliaThis excerpt is taken with thanks from Lawn Solutions Australia’s “Loving Your Lawn – Your Guide to a Perfect Aussie Lawn 2017”. Get your's today!

Four Legged Lawn Lovers

Dogs love getting some exercise in the garden or bonding with the two legged members of the household. Chuck a ball or lob a stick and they’ll be happy. If they’re getting too hot – put the hose on ‘em and then stand well clear before the rain dance begins.

Your dog loves to run around and for that you need a hard-wearing, shade tolerant grass that can deal with the kicks and the knocks. Provide your four legged friend with the right kind of turf and he’ll guard your property far better than any alarm ever could.

Cats love lawns too, but mainly so they can get out of the house and go up high where they can take an overview of proceedings. They love to sun bake on the lawn or cool off in the shade of the house. And sometimes they love to run at very high speed across the lawn pursued by the family canine!


Lawn Issues & Pets

Fish aren’t likely to cause your lawn too many problems, but other popular pets like cats and dogs can raise a few lawn maintenance issues.

Wear and tear, digging, urine burn and faeces are common problems – sensitive lawns just can’t handle the stress, especially when you have a large dog.


Dog Rocks - Prevent Urine Burn Patches on Your Lawn Dog Rocks® 

If you have problems with burnt patches in your lawn, dog urine could be to blame. Dog Rocks® are naturally occurring paramagnetic igneous rocks that remove the nitrates and tin found naturally in water. You simply add them to the main source of your dog’s drinking water and – in most cases -  the burnt patches will disappear.



ColourGuard by Lawn Solutions Australia (LSA)A game changing product from Lawn Solutions Australia, ColourGuard is a natural turf grass colourant that is pet & environmentally friendly and 100% organic. ColourGuard is easy to apply and is perfect for covering up those painful grass stains which can be caused by your pets’ urine.

Simply spray on and walk away.

ColourGuard is available in a 100ml concentrate bottle as well as a 2 litre Ready-To-Use hose-on bottle.


Wear & Tear

If your pet continually uses certain tracks causing that area to wear more than others, placing an obstacle like pot plant on the track will force them to take a different route, giving the lawn a chance to repair itself. This may have to be done more often in winter or shady areas. Extra aeration may be necessary to help rectify any compaction that may have occurred.

With excessive activity, a more comprehensive maintenance program may be needed by way of more regular fertilising and aeration. Moist and shaded areas will suffer most so some extra drainage may be required.



If your dog likes digging then a self-repairing lawn with a dense growth habit is best. Newly laid lawns need time to establish and are particularly vulnerable to damage so try to prevent your dog from digging and pulling up sections of turf.

Often digging is a sign of boredom, so a few toys will help to keep them amused while you work on their training program. One good trick is to bury treats in an area where you would prefer your dog to dig as a reward. If you have problems with unwanted cats gate crashing your lawn, a quick blast from the hose tends to help them move. They soon get the message.

Various deterrents can be purchased to discourage unwanted animals. It’s one thing to try and teach your own pet some manners; a neighbourhood cat or dog can be a real pest and should be dealt with accordingly – while not actually harming the animal of course!



When fertilising or using pesticides, keep your pets inside and off the lawn for a while until the danger has passed. Check the product safety recommendations to ensure that no tragic accidents occur.

We love our pets and we love our lawn too.
There’s no reason you can’t have both!
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