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Joshua Muscat

Joshua was born into the lawn and turf industry and draws on over 25 years of history in agricultural farming.
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Weeds! Grubs! HELP! Summer Lawn Care & Products

Posted by Joshua Muscat on 26 Dec 2019

When the weeds set in, you need to take action fast! We always recommend treating weeds as soon as possible - and it may take one or even two attempts - then after your weeds have been treated, feed your lawn.

Some weed and feed products can be harmful to certain types of turf, so remember to check their labels before use. Here we're talking about the best practices for controlling weeds. 

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Topics: Turf, Lawn & Grass, Lawn Care, Weeds, Lawn Grubs

Level 2 Water Restrictions | Preparing Your Lawn for Your Christmas Party

Posted by Joshua Muscat on 19 Dec 2019

'Tis the season to show off your perfectly manicured lawn to your envious friends and family!

Even with Sydney's current Level 2 Water Restrictions, we've got some tips to ensuring your lawn is in tip-top shape ready for your annual Christmas party.

The key to a lush green lawn is having a healthy and active roots structure. Below are some things you can do to assist in maintaining a healthy and active root structure.

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Topics: Turf, Lawn & Grass, Beautification, Lawn Care, Water Restrictions & Lawn

Does Your Lawn Have Bare Patches?

Posted by Joshua Muscat on 1 Oct 2019

Spring is a common time for lawns to show their bare patches - like bald spots. This is most likely due to the lawn having been in a dormant state where there has been no growth and it's not been able to repair itself.

Although, there are other reasons your lawn could be getting bare patches; like if your lawn gets a lot of shade.

In most cases, there are simple solutions to get your full lawn back again.

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Topics: Turf, Lawn & Grass, Lawn Care, Water Restrictions & Lawn

How to Take Care of Lawns in Spring

Posted by Joshua Muscat on 24 Sep 2019

Spring is the perfect time to get your lawn summer ready. Garden parties, picnics, kids at play, backyard cricket, or just lazing around reading a book, you just can't beat a fresh, healthy, beautiful lawn to enjoy it on.

Here are a few things you can do to be lawn-fit for summer!

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Topics: Turf, Lawn & Grass, Beautification, Lawn Care, Water Restrictions & Lawn

Water Restrictions: What does this mean for your new lawn?

Posted by Joshua Muscat on 21 Jul 2019

"Greater Sydney is in drought. Level 1 water restrictions came into effect from 1 June 2019.Water restrictions are an important element of our drought response and help reduce demand for water when we are not getting enough rain." - Sydney Water (2019)

The NSW Government announced the commencement of Level 1 water restrictions to save water as the drought continues. This has come into effect as of the 1st of June 2019.

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Topics: Turf, Lawn & Grass, Lawn Care, Sydney Water, TifTuf Bermuda, Water Restrictions & Lawn

How We Lay Your Turf @ Green Life Turf - Beecroft June 2016

Posted by Joshua Muscat on 30 Jun 2016

We love working out on our farm and taking care of our beautiful turf, but we’re always keen for an excursion out to your properties and commercial lands to lay your turf for you! We enjoy the majestic transformation of a forgotten (or well-used!) lawn to a rejuvenated beautiful look with new life and promises aplenty!

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Topics: Beautification, Landscaping

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