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Level 2 Water Restrictions | Preparing Your Lawn for Your Christmas Party

Posted by Joshua Muscat on 19 Dec 2019
Joshua Muscat
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Keeping a Healthy Lawn During Sydney's Level 2 Water Restrictions (Min)

'Tis the season to show off your perfectly manicured lawn to your envious friends and family!

Even with Sydney's current Level 2 Water Restrictions, we've got some tips to ensuring your lawn is in tip-top shape ready for your annual Christmas party.

The key to a lush green lawn is having a healthy and active roots structure. Below are some things you can do to assist in maintaining a healthy and active root structure.


If Rudolf decides to use your lawn as a landing strip, it's important that the lawn receives sufficient air flow through aeration techniques. This will improve the root structure of your lawn as well as allowing the water to penetrate deeper into the soil thereby reducing the run off and saving the amount of water used. 



Green Life Turf's Health Booster Lawn & Plant Food Fertiliser

Fertilising will ensure your lawn receives the nutrients it needs. Using an NPK based fertiliser will give any lawn the fundamentals it needs to maintains a healthy root structure.

To provide even better nutrients use a product like our Lawn & Plant Heath Booster that contains trace elements and volcanic rock ash.


How Can I Still Fertilise My Lawn in Level 2 Water Restrictions?

If your lawn is too large to water with a watering can and you don't have a smart irrigation system installed, then you need to select a product that will not burn you lawn if applied and not watered in straight away. Again, try our GLT Lawn & Plant Health Booster which won't burn your lawn if you can't immediately water it in.

Alternatively, you can use a hose-on liquid fertiliser such as Turf Rescue which provides nutrients and moisture directly to your lawn. You will just need to have a on/off water flow control (inline hose tap) setup on your hose.



There's no doubt your lawn has felt the impact of Sydney's Level 2 Water Restrictions that came into effect on 10 December 2019, affecting the greater Sydney region. If you just laid new turf, good news! Sydney Water has provided the public with a Watering Plan to ensure you adhere to the restrictions while still taking care of your lawn.

For established lawns, if your lawn is too large to water with a watering can, then you may want to consider watering your lawn with a hose-on liquid fertiliser like Lawn Rescue or Lawn Soaker, if you have a on/off water flow control fitted (inline hose tap) then you are allowed to water your lawn with this.

If your lawn is too large to manage with the hose-on liquid fertiliser, then you may want to consider installing either a smart irrigation watering system that has a timer and either a rain sensor or soil moisture probe setup on the system. Or you could also install a drip irrigation system. This will allow you to water your lawn for 15 minutes each cycle every day before 10:00 am and after 4:00pm.


ColourGuard from Lawn Solutions Australia (min)Want an Instantly Green Lawn?

For those lawns that are looking sad due to the current water restrictions, ColourGuard can be applied.

ColourGuard will naturally green up your lawn and help protect it.

Trust me, even Santa will be impressed with this one!




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