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Does Your Lawn Have Bare Patches?

Posted by Joshua Muscat on 1 Oct 2019
Joshua Muscat
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What Causes Bare Patches in Lawn | How to Repair Bare Patches in Lawn

Spring is a common time for lawns to show their bare patches - like bald spots. This is most likely due to the lawn having been in a dormant state where there has been no growth and it's not been able to repair itself.

Although, there are other reasons your lawn could be getting bare patches; like if your lawn gets a lot of shade.

In most cases, there are simple solutions to get your full lawn back again.


Shade is a common problem that can cause bare patches in the lawn. Simply, this is due to the lack of sunlight causing the lawn to go into stress.

Shade can be caused from surrounding buildings, homes, trees and shrubs, and even lawn furniture and play equipment placed on the grass area.

In areas shaded by the trees and shrubs, you need to also consider factors that could be contributing to your lawn failing, like the lack of moisture and nutrients in the soil because the trees and shrubs are taking the lion's share.


Traffic and Wear & Tear

Traffic on lawn during its dormancy state through winter will add stress to it.

For those with pets - especially dogs - you may find your pet likes to walk along the same track time and time again causing your lawn to thin out and the soil to become compacted in that track. If that sounds like your lawn, it's a good idea to block that area off from your pooch until your lawn has had a chance to recover and regain fullness. To avoid this problem next winter and spring, try blocking off the area as soon as you notice any damage so your pet creates a new path to enjoy. Repeat the process so the traffic impact is shared out across your lawn.

This is also a good idea if your lawn sees high traffic in certain areas - like a direct line to the front door or post box. If your lawn seems to be struggling in those areas, wherever possible, block these areas off and allow some time for the lawn to regain fullness.


What Causes Bare Patches in Lawn | How to Repair Bare Patches in Lawn

Lack of Moisture and/or Nutrients

When a lawn is under-watered it causes the soil to form a hard crust. This results in the roots being unable to penetrate into the soil to get moisture and nutrients, and this will leave dry, dead patches throughout your lawn.

In this case an aeration and deep watering will fix your lawn right up, softening the soil and allowing the water and roots to penetrate deeper into the soil.

Lawns lacking nutrients tend to thin out and in some cases could cause bare patches.


Keeping a Full Lawn Year-Round

To have a full lawn year round, adopt a regular lawn maintenance program consisting of:

  1. Regular mowing.
  2. Regular deep waterings.
  3. Seasonal fertilising.


Your lawn maintenance program will vary depending on your turf variety, area and climate. It's always a good idea to select turf that is sustainable and requires lower inputs.

Find out which variety of turf suits your yard best:

Turf Varieties | DNA Certified Sir Walter Buffalo | Sir Grange Zoysia | TifTuf Bermuda | Nullarbor Couch | Eureka Kikuyu






















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