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Green Life Turf

Planning Tips for Your Perfect Garden & Lawn

Posted by Patrick Muscat on 26 Jul 2017

Your outdoor space will work best when it’s been designed specifically for its users and environment. So rather than jumping straight into it, take a little time to think about and plan your project outdoor landscape re-design project.

Here are some tips from us and from our pals at Lawn Solutions Australia. 

“Properly planning and designing your garden is a crucial part of its overall success…”
- Loving Your Lawn 2017, Lawn Solutions Australia

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How to Care for Lawn in Winter

Posted by Patrick Muscat on 12 Jul 2017

 'Sleep, my precious.'

Over the last two weeks we talked about why warm-season grass goes brown over winter, as well as other signs that your lawn is just chillin’ over winter.

So what can be done to take care of your lawn in winter? What can you do to give it the best chances of early and beautiful growth when it comes out of dormancy?

Plus how to keep your lawn looking 'entertaining-ready', even in winter.

Let’s take a look…

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How to Identify Common Lawn Disease & What to do About it!

Posted by Patrick Muscat on 5 Jul 2017

Did you know lawn is vulnerable to disease and that lawn disease varies from the super obvious to the almost impossible to detect? If you’re concerned your lawn is affected by disease, we’ve put together a handy guide to the most common lawn diseases found here in Australia. See our informative excerpts from Lawn Solutions Australia’s ‘Loving Your Lawn Guide’.

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Is Your Lawn Dying Off? What Does a Healthy Winter Lawn Look Like?

Posted by Patrick Muscat on 28 Jun 2017

Is your lawn dying off? Browning, drying, not growing? What's really happening here?

Ever ventured outside lately and found yourself wondering what happened to all that hard work you put into caring for your lawn throughout summer and autumn? Is your lawn now dying off? Was all that effort and love for nothing?  

You’re not alone. A lot of Aussie lawns will be rocking faded greens and even dry-looking browns this time of year. Have we been lazy and let our lawns go? Are our lawn dying off? Was it all for nothing? Let’s find out...

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Turf Industry Affiliates Creating the Best Lawn Growers & Suppliers in Australia

Posted by Patrick Muscat on 14 Jun 2017

Business can be tough no matter what industry you’re in. We’ve all got our own ‘stuff’ – our crosses to bear, our trials and tribulations; from office folk to tradies to politicians to everyone in between. 

No doubt about it, one of the greatest things we’ve learnt along the way is that it takes an army of 'friends' - other businesses and great customers! – to keep you lifted and moving forward!

Find out how our affiliate organisation 'friends' help us to be one of the best lawn growers and suppliers in Australia! 

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Where We Came From : The Green Life Turf Story...

Posted by Patrick Muscat on 31 May 2017

With so much going on at Green Life Turf, we put together a presentation that tells our story. Turns out, we have so much history the challenge was keeping it short enough to tell the story and keep you watching! Challenge accepted! And here it is, Green Life Turf's life in less than 3 minutes!

Watch here...

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What Goes on at the Turf Farm?

Posted by Patrick Muscat on 17 May 2017

Ever wondered what goes on at the turf farm?

Many people buy their lawn and lawn care products from retailers like Flower Power or Bunnings. Have you ever wondered where they source their stock, and how it is they become so crazy knowledgeable about all things lawn and turf (among many other things!)?

Today I’m excited to bring you a snapshot of one of our on-site education days with one of our much-loved customers, Flower Power!

It all began with a little bit of tea…

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Circular Patches & Spongy, Loose Turf: Signs of Autumn Lawn Grubs

Posted by Patrick Muscat on 3 May 2017

Beautiful autumn lawns don't 'just happen'!

Lawn grubs can produce big problems for many lawns around this time of year as they near the end of their primary active seasons. By the time you see signs of a lawn grub infestation, your lawn will already be feeling very sorry for itself. Here's how to recognise the signs, test for evidence, and treat the pests! 

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Winter's Coming! Fertilise Your Lawn!

Posted by Patrick Muscat on 19 Apr 2017

  Lawns go dormant through winter - like hybernating bears...

We’ve been talking fertiliser for a good reason over the past few weeks – it’s almost winter! Okay, some may say the glass is still half full being that we’re only half-way through Autumn, but there’s no slowing it down: winter is fast approaching.  

So, what happens now and what should you do? Today we’ll recap that crucial information for you and your lawn!

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What is pH in Soil? What Does it Do? How Should I Perfect It?

Posted by Patrick Muscat on 5 Apr 2017

We’ve been talking about fertiliser over the last few weeks; what it is, how it works, and why it’s important. So it won’t come as a surprise to you to know that the quality of your soil plays a vital role to all vegetation. From flowers and plants, trees and shrubs, to fruits and vegetables, to your lawn, if your soil is not providing the right balance of nutrients, your vegetation simply will not thrive.

So how do you know? How can you test the quality of your soil? And what even is soil pH?!  

Let's explore it all and see how you can get your own, reusable, accurate testing tool!


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